Prescription Natural Products

Certain products on our website are only available for purchase if your healthcare provider has an account with us and has given you a prescription access code (many of our products do NOT need this code however). Speak to your healthcare provider about an access code if you do not have one for a product that you are trying to purchase. Health professional account set-up is easily and efficiently done through our website.

Once you have found your prescribed product, you will be prompted to enter the prescription access code for that product. Each of our prescription natural products has a unique prescription access code, so if you have been prescribed more than one product you will need a different prescription access code for each product purchased. Again, only some of our products require a prescription access code with most natural health products being available for purchase by anyone without any codes required.

Why a prescription for over the counter natural health products??

Many of the top quality supplement companies do not allow products to be sold over the counter. The reason for this is that the companies want to ensure that natural health products are being used safely and for the right therapeutic purposes. These manufacturing companies maintain themselves at a higher standard than any other companies on the market with outstanding quality and batch testing done ensuring what is on the label is actually in the bottle. This is important from a therapeutic standpoint, a contaminant standpoint, and also for those who have significant allergies to ingredients that can sneak in to lower grade products.  Our prescription natural products help protect you and your family.