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Natural Cosmetics that work!

One of the largest complaints about natural cosmetics is that they never work. They run, they cause break-outs, they smudge. And with 50% of women doing their face almost 1500 times a year with 75% spending just three and a half weeks a year make-up free, we need cosmetics that work yet allow us to take a break from all of those darn chemicals!
Welcome to the new world of SANTE natural cosmetics! SANTE transforms valuable natural cosmetics into fun for the whole family. Because these purely plant sourced products are innovative, uncomplicated and trendy – and yet affordable, too! SANTE products contain active ingredients based only on plants, and valuable extracts and oils of certified organic quality.

SANTE meets the EU strict standards for cosmetics, as it is produced out of Germany. Better yet, they actually work!! Check out this wonderfully natural line under Natural Cosmetics.


All Natural Protein Powders – The Real Deal

What does this word ‘naturally’ mean anyway! We must say, it was hard work trying to find protein powders that were actually good quality. Thankfully, we found in our opinion the best protein powders on the market. Non-GMO sources, free of additives and chemicals, with our vanilla based protein powders free from sugars – it doesn’t get much better than this!

Whether you are looking for whey based, vegan based or that elusive goat’s milk based you will find the best of the best here!

Natural Deodorants that Actually Work….Really!!

Introducing Routine: the most effective natural deodorant to be found! Each jar is hand-made with love in Calgary with human and environmental health a priority.

Rountine’s products contain only clean, wholesome ingredients. No aluminum zirconium, aluminum chlorohydrate, parabens, triclosan, or propylene glycol. Routine de-odor-cream is applied in the same way as any other lotion. This alternative application method reduces bacterial contamination to the product, in turn making it effective to the very bottom of the jar. Each jar last 3-6 months with regular use (shelf life is 12 months).

Tested on friends, never animals.

Click here for more information on Routine’s products and to buy your first natural deodorant that actually works!